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  •  Save 25% off any remote live escape room experience with our award-winning game, Morse Code
  • Choose from our regular remote live escape experience or any of our party packages, including; wine tasting and pub quiz extras
  • Play with friends and family anywhere in the world from the comfort of your sofa
  • Free upgrade to our VIP experience (worth £20!)
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About Twinwoods Adventure

At Twinwoods Adventure we offer a wide range of exciting activities – including indoor skydiving, indoor surfing, indoor shooting and archery or jump of the top of the building with our Vertigo activity. In addition, our facilities also include on-site accommodation, a soft play centre and our outstanding Health Club.

Our incredible escape room, Morse Code, is now the ultimate remote escape room experience! It’s war-time in 1942 and we need you to help infiltrate the enemy tower. Once in, you must retrieve a package and then relay the enemy’s attack plan using morse code. You have a maximum of 60 minutes to achieve your mission and get out safely. Because you're there, and we're here, you'll be completing our real-world escape room from the comfort of your own home.
With live video feeds, a real-life avatar that you control, and lots of other cool online resources, we bring you the excitement of a real escape room, without the need to leave your house.

Not only that, but you can share the gameplay with other people in your own house, or even better, share your game with friends and family anywhere around the world!

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