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  • Members receive a 25% discount on their purchase
  • Medically certified anti-blue light screen protectors and glasses
  • Protect your screens with tempered glass
  • Reduce eye strain, headaches and sleep better

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About Ocushield

Ocushield is on a mission to look after your eyes. That’s why they created the first and only medically approved blue light filtering products. 

What’s blue light we hear you ask? It’s the harmful light that can be found in digital devices such as phones and TVs - and even comes from unsuspecting areas such as lightbulbs. Why’s it bad? Not only does it leave you with headaches, dry eyes and feeling tired - but it also can affect your sleep and damage your eyes over time. What’s more, it’s been reported that screen time has risen by 200% since lockdown - that’s 200x more protection needed for your eyes! That’s where Ocushield comes in! Their products filter harmful light, protecting you and your loved ones - so that you can start feeling better, sleeping better and getting more done. From phone, iPad and laptop covers, to glasses and lamps - they’ve got something to keep those. Peepers protected - whilst keeping a crystal clear image, unlike ahem orange night mode.

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