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  • Feel the brazilian spirit from 1962
  • Flip Flops, sandals, slides... the perfect footwear for summer lovers
  • Havaianas: quality, comfort, and fashion for your feet
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About Havaianas

Life’s better when you’re not walking in tight shoes. In fact, in tight anything! A healthier, more comfortable and fuller life starts with your feet. And we believe free feet are the key to a free body… And a free body is the path to a free soul and an open mind. Oh, speaking of open minds… Havaianas welcomes you into a world with Brazilian wide-open arms and a very broad smile. We offer you the comfort and confidence to go anywhere you want. Through color… and incredible stories… Just open your eyes and you will see life for what it is, at least in our Havaianas world: light, colorful and free. So, free yourself. Havaianas is an invitation to open yourself, so creativity can come in and start conversations, and new ideas can come out. Now, we invite you to come with us! Because havaianas exists to set you and everybody free.

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