Collection Pot - have £10 on us

Members receive £10 savings on their purchase.

  • Once your collection reaches £75.00 in value, we will add £10.00 to top up your pot.
  • The Collection Pot catalogue offers a range of gifts and offers that are unique to Collection Pot users.
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About Collection Pot

Collection Pot is the new way of collecting money online for any occasion. Simplifying and streamlining activities such as collecting funds for a leaver, birthday, engagement, promotion or the arrival of a new baby.

Setting up your Collection Pot couldn’t be easier, complete the 6 simple steps and your collection will be live.

Share your Collection Pot link via email or social media. Invite friends, family or colleagues to donate funds to the collection.

Your recipient can then spend their collection monies via the Collection Pot catalogue, which offers a huge range of gifts, giftcards and e-codes.

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