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  • CBD can be introduced into your lifestyle in the easiest ways.¬†
  • Our products come in different formats and strengths from teas and coffees, edible sweets, ingestible oils, and topical gels
  • Purity Hemp Company is one of only three businesses in Europe to be rated 100% THC free by the BSCG.
  • CBD and CBD Oil products have numerous potential benefits for both the mind and body.

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About Purity Hemp Co CBD UK

Our connection with the natural benefits of premium CBD Oil extract, derived from both the Hemp Flower and the valuable bi-products of the Hemp Plant, dates back to early 2010. After watching the physical and mental health of family & friends rapidly deteriorate with the treatment of synthetic pharmaceutical medicine alone, I witnessed the life-changing effects that premium CBD Oil was having on people of all ages.

Our team channels the passion we have for improving life as nature intended through Purity Hemp Co. A global brand pioneering a new era of Cannabis and Hemp-derived wellness products, backed by science and product traceability. Here in the United Kingdom and across Europe, our customers continue to benefit from the purest ingredients whilst improving their mental & physical health and overall well-being.

- Michael Walker, MD

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